Unlock These Features In Credi Response
ACE Version

  • Personalize messages with visitor’s name and other data.
  • Support for 10 Fan Pages.
  • Page Level Response
  • 10,000 message responses or more every month.
  • Monitor and respond to UNLIMITED posts!

Ace Internet Marketing
Upgrade To Credi Response ACE

Without Personalization You Will Leave less Impact

Credi Response ACE lets you personalize the messages you send out with the visitor’s name. That’s an instant doubling of attentiveness. More prospects will see your message, and more of them will read it to the end because it has THEIR name in it which boosts relatability.

Worth $97 in value

Without Page Level Response You Will Sell Less

Got a page with multiple posts and want to set a response on ALL of those posts so that you won’t have set it up individually for each page? You can do so with Credi Response Ace. With this, everyone who comments get the response, not just those who comment on a specific post. This response is overridden if you set up one for a specific post.

Worth $97 in value

Without More Fan Pages You Can’t Reach Every Customer

Got a bigger business or marketing presence? Credi Response can add value to every one of your fan pages. Get support for up to 25 Fan pages with the Pro version.

Worth $97 in value

Message More Customers Each Month

If you’re running ads, or have a bigger fanpage, you may need to send out a lot of messages. The more the merrier! Get up to 30,000 messages a month with the PRO version.

Worth $97 in value

Monitor Unlimited Posts!

The number of posts you can monitor are limited by our fair use policy on the version you’ve bought. With the PRO there are on limits, you can set automatic responses to 2 posts, or 20, or 200!

Worth $97 in value

50+ Message Templates

Does the idea of writing copy give you cold shudders? Make things easier for yourself. With PRO you get 50+ message templates for every situation that you can adapt and use right away.

Worth $97 in value

Get Credi Response ACE & Watch Your
Business Gleam

Don’t get the competition get ahead.Get the Credi response advantage and make your Facebook marketing get you the best results. With Credi Response, you can even turn loss making fan page into a successful business model.

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