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My Facebook LIVE to Fanpage views went up 350% And I made a sweet 4 figures from one simple Fanpage post. Not to mention Now my FanPage Response Rate is now 100% from 14% previously. Geez, I'd get it purely for the 100% response rate which will dramatically increase my FanPage Reach for nothing

Peter Drew

What an awesome way to reward fan page subscribers for interacting - especially for people on our radio show pages. This would be awesome when any of our hosts are on air and listeners can be rewarded with links to gifts, music downloads or other info while we're busy with other things

Nikki Leigh

I am a teacher of an International English test people need to pass to be able to study in Western Universities. When these people comment on the resources I put up on my FB pages an immediate response from Credi Response can lead these clearly interested visitors into my sales funnel

Kenneth Doyle

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