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What Our Existing Users Think

Abhi Dwivedi
(Top Internet marketer)

I am totally blown away by Credi Response. Think about it, it's a no-brainer to be able to reach your followers in their inbox. You can chat with them and send them anything. Squeeze pages, offers, freebies, links, discounts. I'd say this is vital for every Facebook marketer.

Scott Johnson

This is a great way to create more activity on my non-profit page. It is sometimes a challenge to get people attention and with this tool, I can leverage those who make comments on my page.

Kenneth Doyle

I am a teacher of an International English test people need to pass to be able to study in Western Universities. When these people comment on the resources I put up on my FB pages an immediate response from Credi Response can lead these clearly interested visitors into my sales funnel.

The Most Powerful Facebook Outreach System Invented!

  • Sends a personal message to anyone who comments on your Facebook post.

  • 100% automated. Just set up the message and It’ll be sent on autopilot.

  • Send information, website links, or anything else you want.

  • 100% Inboxing rate along with the message notification graphic and sound!

  • Set up page level response, or specific responses to posts.

  • Personalize with client name, date, day and more!

  • Supports Spintext so that you can make every message unique.

  • Supports delay, so that you can schedule a message for minutes our hours after the client comments.

Facebook has the biggest captive audience on the Internet right now with 1.8 billion monthly active users.

Yes, that’s 1/3rd of the entire humanity! Nearly every connected human being is here and is using it actively to keep in touch with friends and family.

Unlike a search engine that people spend about a minute on, before moving to the page of their interest, people spend hours on Facebook. Actively seeking interesting things to read and watch.


Nearly every person with purchasing power is on Facebook!

I am betting you’re already an owner of a fan page or two, and are actively looking for ways to reach more of your target market through it.

Personal Interaction Explodes Conversions
& Now You Can Start One on Facebook

Ever walk into a store? As soon as you seem interested in something, an assistant walks up to you and offers to help you, explaining to you all the salient features of the product you’re interested in.

Bet you’ve ended up buying a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t have bought if that one person hadn’t approached you.

You can’t do that on Facebook, right? Even with Chatbot technology the person must start a conversation with you (and who ever does that?) before you can talk to them.

Take a look at Demo Video

Put Your Facebook Business on The Fast Track

  • Stop worrying about how to build a better rapport with your best leads and customers.

  • Stop wondering how to find the people who are truly interested in your services and can become loyal customers.

  • Stop living with poorer sales and conversions because your customers don’t know you, or feel they can’t trust you.

  • Stop losing customers due to poor or unresponsive support.

  • Stop making less sales because you couldn’t convert customers who were on the edge.

  • Stop getting lesser value from your content and advertising dollars.

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Up to 10,000 messages a month

Associate up to 4 fan pages

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$127 $67 Yearly

Up to 10,000 messages a month

Associate up to 4 fan pages